Training: Community Action to Prevent Underage Gambling

Class Dates:

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Course Outline:

  • Overview of underage gambling
  • The connetion between the environment and underage gambling
  • Capacity building for community-wide change
  • Identifying, education, and welcoming community leaders to the effort
  • Identifying manageable actions to reduce youth access to gambling


Educational Goal:

Participnats will gain an understanding of the importance of involving many facets of the community in prevention efforts, and effective ways to promote community-wide change to prevent access to underage gambling.


Educational Objective:

  • Participants will be able to:

            a. Explain the importance of reducing youth accfess to gamling.

            b. Identify 3 key perole in the community that can help build capacity in environmental change.

            c. Identify 3 manage3able actions that community members can take to hellp reduce youth access to gambling.