Training: CRAFT-Family Model for Working with Gambling Disorder

Class Dates:

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Course Outline:

Description of the CRAFT Model

How to help families utilize effective learning and reinforcement strategies

How to create a family environment conducive of change

Empathy, Compassion, Self-Compassion and Self Care for Family Members living with GD

Educational Goal(s):

Participants will gain an understanding of ways in which change can best be supported in families coping with gambling disorder through the evidence based CRAFT model which includes behavioral, motivational and mindfulness based strategies.

Educational Objective(s):

Participants will be able to:

Describe ways in which family members can reinforce recovery oriented behaviors in loved ones struggling with gambling disorder.

Identify techniques to create family environments supportive of change for those living with gambling disorder

Describe strategies to assist family members in developing self-compassion and self-care.