Training: Problem Gambling & Co-occurring Disorders Series: II Trauma

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Course Outline:

Defining Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Evidence for Co-occurrence of trauma and abuse among clients with gambling disorder

How do trauma and gambling problems interact?

Treatment strategies to address gambling problems in combination with trauma issues.


Educational Goal(s) :

This webinar will present a definition of trauma and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  A brief review of research on co-occurrence of gambling disorder and trauma issues will be presented.  The role of gambling for those who have experienced trauma will be discussed along with the interaction between problematic gambling and PTSD.  Effective approaches to work with disordered gamblers who have experienced trauma will be presented.

Educational Objective(s):

1.      Participants will be able to identify common signs and symptoms of PTSD and trauma responses.

2.     Participants will be understand the research evidence for prevalence and nature of histories of abuse and trauma among individuals with gambling disorder

3.     Participants will gain an awareness of the role of gambling among those who have experience trauma and abuse.

4.     Participants will be able to design and modify treatment approaches to effectively treatment gambling problems in individuals also dealing with issues of trauma and abuse.