Training: Problem Gambling and Co-occurring Disorders Series: III Personality Disorders

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 Course Outline:

What is a personality disorder?

Review of common personality disorders that co-occur with gambling disorder

Discussion of ways personality disorders may interact with gambling disorder and the role and meaning of gambling for individuals with various personality disorders

Approaches to address the impact of personality disorders on gambling disorder treatment and recovery


Educational Goal(s):

Personality disorders commonly occur among individuals seeking treatment for a gambling disorder.  This long standing disturbances in self and interpersonal function can significantly complicate the treatment and recovery process.  This webinar will focus on recognizing common co-occurring personality disorders (ie., narcissistic, avoidant, borderline, obsessive-compulsive, antisocial) among those seeking treatment for a gambling disorder and employing effective treatment and recovery strategies for working with this complex and challenging clients.


Educational Objective(s)

1.            Participants will be able to identify common personality disorders often co-occuring with gambling disorder

2.            Participants will be able to describe how gambling and problem gambling is influenced by ingrained personality traits

3.            Participants will gain an understanding of ways in which personality disorders may confound treatment and recovery

4.            Participants will be able develop treatment approaches that address dysfunctional personality patterns that contribute to problematic gambling