Training: Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Help with Irrational Beliefs 2017

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Course Objective: Participants will develop ways to effectively challenge these irrational beliefs and help the client develop more constructive cognitions related to their addiction.

Course Goal: Participants will develop an understanding of how knowing the odds can be utilized in a client’s recovery.

Course Outline:

  • talk about superstitions
  • ask how do you know when you are going to win?
  • explore the irrationality of money being tied to self identity/self esteem
  • help them identify more irrational thoughts when setting up to gamble
  • what self talk propels or fuels the gambling and how to interrupt or change it
  •        + i.e. “I’m hot I have to keep going” or “I’m cold, therefore I’m due”
  • get them to explore what they were thinking when they’ve gambled in the past
  • the use of memory or recall to understand the irrational beliefs